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Ann Mitchell Management Ltd

Business Management ~ Bookkeeping ~ Office Administration ~ Payroll


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Business Management & Bookkeeping 

Managing your finances can take a lot of time.  When you need to be focussing on your business, let us keep on top of the books for your.

Whether it's some basic bookkeeping assistance, to managing the week to week financial activity - we can help.  Just a taster of the tasks we can do:

  • Bank reconciliations
  • VAT Returns
  • Cashflow reports
  • Periodic Profit & Loss Reports
  • Expenditure analysis

Office Administration & PA Support

Small things matter.  Do you know when your returns are due to Companies House?  When is your business insurance renewal?  Is there ink in the printer?  

From simply ensuring there is stationery in the cupboard to gathering insurance quotes for your business, these are all tasks that take up your time.  We can do this for you, present you with the information for a quick and easy decision, and take the action required.  


Paying your staff (and yourself) can't wait.  What if pay day falls on the busiest day of your month?  Do you want the strees of knowing you need to set aside time to run your payroll? 

We offer businesses with smaller payruns a simple solutions.  Let us run the payroll for you, we can send your payslips to your staff directly and simply provide you with the payment amounts.